Keynotes Lectures Topics & Descriptions

Indispensable Necessity – Saving our Democracy

Offers a unique perspective on the problems with our government and the state of our democracy while offering audiences and participants a solution-driven roadmap to the reclamation of our public institutions and indefensible form of government.

Dare to Be Great or Get Out of the Way

After 25 plus years in public leadership in senior level positions at all three levels of government I have unlocked the keys to cornerstones of truly great and transformative public leadership. Dare to be Great is a lecture series and training session that reveals the art of impactful public leadership

Without Us

A revealing, refreshing and unabashed review of the impact of African Americans and our journey in and influence on America

All Those In Favor

Is an engaging lecture on the current impact and historic force of African American Politics and Policy. Beginning with those underrated and unknown African Americans who served to during Reconstruction to the issues that the current slate of African Americans face today, All Those In Favor will give the audience a extraordinary view of the role and journey of African American elected officials.