Peter C. Groff

Good Policy. Smart Politics.

Strategic Facilitation and Assistance

Groff will facilitate connections and relationships to increase a client’s effectiveness, reach and impact

Design Progressive Policy

Groff consults on progressive policy, helping clients think through the ins and outs of policy ideas and agendas. His current work with the Colorado State Legislative Black Caucus is an example of current consulting that he provides to help caucuses strategize, align and executive on powerful political agendas.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Groff will aid with the creation and design of your expansion blueprint and plans and assist with the realization of that plan.

Creating policy that resists the status quo and changes the trajectory of a community for the better.

Legislative and Policy Strategist

Groff served as the 47th President of the Colorado State Senate and was the first African American in Colorado to ascend to the post, and only the third African American in the nation’s history to hold the gavel as State Senate President. Senator Groff, who was renowned as the “Conscience of the Senate,” served in the Colorado General Assembly for nearly ten years and passed landmark and visionary legislation in the areas of education, criminal justice and health care.

Education Reformer

As President of the Colorado State Senate, CEO of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (NAPCS), and public policy professor at the University of Denver, Groff has been a leader and advocate for closing the achievement gap, for poor children and children of color and empowering parents with wide ranging public school options. As founder of the DU African American Policy Center at the University of Denver, Groff has led wide rangaing discussions and research to influence the national discourse on myriad issues facing African Americans that led to organizational changes and policy reforms organizational change, policy reform and

Policymaker and Thought Leader

Groff served as the first ever Visiting Fellow at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education. Prior to his tenure at Johns Hopkins, he was the Director of the Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships at the U.S. Department of Education which was part of the White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships during the first term of President Barack H. Obama.

Connector between Decision-makers & Industry

Public K-12 and Higher Education Advocate

Facilitator of Caucus Agenda and Policy Mapping

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