"Hear It From The Top"

Who We Are
On March 1, 2014 we created Grasstops Perceptions and Strategies (Grasstops). Grasstops will assist our clients in improving the livelihood of communities of color with strategic planning and implementation through metrics based analysis, targeted insight, and recommendations from Influencers and high-level leaders of color. This will be achieved through anonymous data capture, substantive recommendations, and thoughtfully planned implementation.

What We Do
Grasstops is not a polling service. Rather, it uses unique and deep connections with national, state and local Influencers to gather insightful and well thought-out information and commentaries on the relevant issues of the day or the specific concerns of a client. This collection of Influencers allows clients to engage, albeit anonymously, with people who impact and create public sentiment and views about critical issues, programs and policies. Unlike a regular polling firm that polls the general public, Grasstops uses the exclusive and insightful views of policy and public opinion shapers to create policy, and provide political and public relations advice and counsel.

Who We Work With
Grasstops principals have amassed an impressive circle of African American, Latino, Asian and Native American national, state and local influencers who will provide unique and insightful information about communities of color on the pressing policy and political issues of the day. Grasstops makes unprecedented, high level connections between communities of color through the engagement of a circle of influential and high level influencers of color and clients.

The Five Circles of Influence includes:

  • Elected and Appointed Officials
  • Intellectuals
  • Opinion Shapers
  • Business and Commerce
  • Public Service

The Influencers identity will be protected from the clients since Grasstops Perceptions want the Influencers to work in anonymity to ensure complete honesty when assessing a client or a client’s plan or program.
However, the Influencers will know what other people are part of the Circle of Influencers.

Leadership of Grasstops
Peter Groff – 47th President of the Colorado Senate. Former appointee of Pres. Barack Obama and noted policy and political expert.

Michael Blake – Former White House appointee of Pres. Barack Obama. Senior aide on Obama For America ‘08 and ‘12. Renowned political professional.

Nolbert Chavez - Government affairs, policy and lobbying expert and former member of the Colorado House of Representatives

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